Ortolani Luca



In addition to the repair and maintenance service in order to solve technical problems that can occur during the normal operation, the company has a laboratory equipped to carry out mechanical and small electronic repairs.



The cleaning of the parts of the machines is carried out with a particular equipment that allows a lack of acidic residues: this is a decalcification process through an ultrasonic washing machine with an acid-based food solution.

The acid-based food serves to not corrode the metal, but exclusively eliminate calcareous and carbonaceous deposits; it also prevents, after the cleaning treatment, the release of harmful substances during the first stages of regular dispensing of water.



The company also deals with sales and service of espresso machines. On the page second hand sale you can find an application that allows the customer purchasing some selected occasions, or requesting for additional information. The purchase does not present any risk, because the payment is made by bank transfer or by cash on delivery.